#12DaystoShowUp Day 9: Immigrant Solidarity

As a part of SURJ Bay Area’s #12DaysToShowUp Fundraising Campaign — and our ongoing commitment to racial justice and reparations — 50% of all donations raised for SURJ are passed on to local POC-led organizations. The other 50% will be used to fund under-resourced rural SURJ chapters and to support our own work mobilizing white people in the Bay Area.

Donate to SURJ Bay Area before December 31 to help us reach our year-end fundraising goal of $20,000.

In addition to your donation to SURJ, we encourage you to match donations directly to POC-led organizations like those we’ve featured each of the 12 Days of this campaign.

Immigrant Solidarity

California is home to more than 10 million immigrants and this year especially the immigrant community has been hit hard. In 2017, Donald Trump completed prototypes of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, estimated to cost US taxpayers 7 billion dollars. He declared the termination of The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which will cause 800,000 young people to lose their status and unleash ICE on 11 million undocumented immigrants. AND he has attempted to ban travel to the U.S. from predominantly Muslim (even for refugees) countries THREE TIMES.  

At SURJ, one of our values is Accountability Through Collective Action. We believe change happens when we build with millions of other people to change culture, policies and practices. We need a mass movement to change the way the country talks about immigrants and creates policies and practices related to the wall, DACA, and the Muslim Ban.

One example of collective action by SURJ is the #NoHateNoWall Campaign that called out companies who hope to profit off the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Additionally, SURJ, along with partner organizations, mobilized at SFO and airports across the country to protest the Islamophobic travel ban. Our partner organization AROC is also working to build a movement that supports our immigrant community members, all of whom have been impacted by the new administration’s culture, policies, and practices.

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) is a grassroots organization working to empower and organize our community towards justice and self-determination for all. AROC members build community power in the Bay Area by participating in leadership development, political education, and campaigns. AROC envisions powerful and liberated Arab communities living with dignity from here to our homelands. AROC sees the liberation of Arab people inextricably tied to the liberation of all people of color.

SURJ and AROC are building a mass movement and now is a great time to show up in any way you can. Take a look at these movements, donate what you are able, and start taking action.

Donate to SURJ Bay Area before December 31 to help us reach our year-end fundraising goal of $20,000.