The Basebuilding Committee (BaseCom) seeks to identify white people interested in racial justice, understand their motivation for engaging in the work, and use this to find the best channels through which they can deepen their engagement and commitment to the work. Other activities include connecting with folks new to SURJ, running monthly Intro to SURJ meetings, building partnerships with people of color-led organizations, developing training and educational opportunities, and developing messages and strategies for reaching white folks who are not yet interested in challenging white supremacy/working for racial justice.

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The Communications Committee (ComCom) focuses on all things communication - managing the website, maintaining social media presence, producing the weekly e-newsletter, promoting events, developing messaging, and brainstorming new ways to raise up the work of SURJ Bay Area and support our partner organizations. Members of our committee have skills and experience in graphic design, web design, social media, writing, editing, photography, event planning, marketing, promotion, videography, fundraising, etc. You can join the committee or just help out on a specific project.

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The Fundraising Committee (FunCom) supports committee work by organizing fundraisers to meet ongoing expenses and ensuring long-term financial sustainability. This committee also facilitates informed financial decision-making across the organization and centers SURJ Bay Area’s accountability to People of Color and our partner organizations by strengthening the chapters’ capacity to serve as a wealth and resource generator for POC-led organizations doing anti-racist work. 

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The Mobilization Committee (MobCom) organizes and takes action for racial justice through events, canvassing, forums, demonstrations and direct actions.

Some examples of our work include a canvass of Emeryville neighborhoods about police militarization and the case of Yuvette Henderson who was killed by Emeryville police, a rally at Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s house during MLK weekend to call attention to her racist policies that fuel displacement of Black people, and participation in the Stop Trump direct action in Burlingame. Our members are involved in a number of on-going campaigns and coalitions - the Stop Urban Shield Coalition, Ella Baker Center’s Jobs Not Jails campaign, and the Oakland Justice Coalition. We also partner with POC and Black-led organizations like Anti-Police Terror Project to support rapid response efforts to police murders.

The Mobilization Committee meets 3 - 4 times each month, on Thursday evenings. 

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Queer and Trans

The SURJ Bay Area Queer and Trans Committee is committed to organizing white lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and asexual people into action for racial justice.

We echo The Movement for Black Lives' platform, which states that "[t]here can be no liberation for all Black people if we do not center and fight for those who have been marginalized." As queer and trans people, our liberation is linked to the struggles for racial justice and ending all forms of oppression. Through education and mobilization we work to center the experiences and demands of queer and trans people of color.

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Youth & Families

The Youth & Families Committee is centered on helping white families, educators and youth workers break down the privilege we have in avoiding conversations with white children about race, racism, police violence, displacement, and white supremacy. Our work is intended to help families understand these dynamics and have the language and practice to begin to interrupt the ways we socialize white children into white supremacy at the root. Our workshops use modeling and practice to springboard families into interrupting the formation of white supremacy in our families, and challenging it where we see it in interpersonal, institutional and systemic dynamics in our lives.

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