#FreeBresha Week of Action

Bresha Meadows of Ohio was just 14 years old when she was incarcerated for an aggravated murder charge for defending herself and her family against the unrelenting terror and abuse of her father. All of Bresha's earlier attempts to escape the violence were blocked by multiple systems that failed to support her. Now prosecutors continue to punish and incarcerate her for defending her life. Many survivors of domestic and sexual violence are targeted by systems of policing and incarceration, including juvenile and immigration detention, because their survival actions are routinely criminalized. 84% of girls in juvenile detention have experienced family violence.

Support the #FreeBresha Week of Action April 10-17

This week of action is to bring attention, education, and advocacy to the movement to Free Bresha Meadows of Ohio, a 14 year old black girl incarcerated and charged with murder for defending herself and her family against domestic violence. During this week of action, please take a moment to read about her story, sign a petition calling for her release, download and print a poster to hang in your community, campus, organization, storefront, or place of worship, and join a twitter power hour on April 17th at 10am PST. These actions are designed to raise awareness about Bresha's case, as well as the widespread criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence nationwide. Visit FreeBresha.com & SurvivedAndPunished.org to learn more.