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Attend an Intro to SURJ Meeting

Learn more about SURJ's approach and how you can get involved, and connect with SURJ organizers and other interested in racial justice work. These meetings are held twice a month - click here: Events for dates, locations and to RSVP.

Join a committee and attend committee meetings

SURJ Bay Area has a number of committees focused on different aspects of racial justice organizing. These working groups meet weekly or monthly. This is where a lot of the action happens. All are welcome!

Donate to SURJ and other racial justice organizations

Any amount is appreciated! Make a donation to help us organize events and workshops, fund meeting space, produce our educational materials, and financially support Black-led racial justice work in the Bay Area.

We ask every donor to SURJ to make a matching gift to a Black-led racial justice organization. Support a local group or check out this local list or this list of Black-led racial justice groups compiled with the help of SURJ’s National Accountability Council.

Attend our events and actions

SURJ organizes, sponsors, assists and supports events each month in the Bay Area related to racial justice. The most up-to-date information about our events and actions are in our weekly e-newsletter and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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