Donate to Organizations Providing Legal Support for Immigrants and Refugees

UPDATE (2/10) We doubled our goal to $15,000 and within 24 hours, we met that! So as we hit the homestretch and our February 14th deadline, we're bumping up our goal once more - to $20,000! This would mean $4,000 for each organization, providing a substantial demonstration of our commitment to these communities and the dedicated efforts of those working within and serving them. Thank you for being part of this powerful act of solidarity!

UPDATE (2/8): Wow - this is what solidarity can look like. 13.5 hours after making this call to mobilize our resources, we met our goal of raising $1,500 per organization for a total of $7,500. It is clear we can do more.

To build on this overwhelmingly positive response and success, we are doubling our goal to $15,000 and humbly ask for your support as we engage our chapter, our networks, our comrades in this fight. 

Our collective power can do more than we thought possible - thank you!

* * * * *

Thank you for donating to SURJ Bay Area in our effort to demonstrate collective resistance in this critical political moment. We are mobilizing resources this week to be evenly distributed to organizations led by and for People-of-Color on the front-lines of this movement:

  • Asian Law Caucus Legal Clinic
  • Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)
  • Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)
  • Centro Legal de La Raza
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations Bay Area (CAIR)

Thank you for joining with SURJ to show our solidarity with immigrant and refugee communities today.

$21,415.00 raised
GOAL: $20,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.