A Letter to the SURJ Community

20161109_-_974C0332_-Trump_Post_Election_Protest_in_Oakland_-_photographed_by_Sam_Breach_2016_-_1080_short_edge.jpgDear members of the SURJ community,

We write to you today not with answers, but with questions: What does it mean that white supremacy wins elections? What does it mean that white people across this country vote for a candidate that spews hatred and bigotry? What does it mean when we wake up to a President-elect that provokes fear in our neighbors of color, queer people, immigrants and undocumented people, Muslims, and women, while promising to enact policies that will put us back decades in the fight for racial and economic justice?

Even as we search for the right words and next steps, many of us are reaching out to our Muslim, Black, immigrant, queer, undocumented and female community members and making vows of solidarity. We are working to hold each other and remind each other that we are not alone, that we are in this together.

It is in these moments that we return to the purpose that brought us to the table: we educate, we mobilize, and we organize white people for racial justice. Mission statements and organizational values were built for moments like these, moments when we are searching for an anchor in the storm. 

We are asking you to humbly live out that purpose. If ever you (or your friends, family and neighbors) were looking for a time to organize against white supremacy and the oncoming wave of hate, it is now. We hope you will join us and commit yourself to the fight for Black liberation, for an end to white supremacy, and for a Bay Area and world where our neighbors do not live in fear.

We leave you with the words of a true poet and transformative leader, Audre Lorde:

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

SURJ Bay Area Chapter