5 Things You Can Do Now To Fight Back Against Trump And Bigotry

Trump's victory is devastating. But now more than ever we need to stand up and fight for racial justice. The heaviest burdens of Trump's presidency will likely be born by people of color. Van Jones called the election result a whitelash: a revolt by white Americans against a black president and against the gains that people of color have made. White allies and accomplices need to resist the bigotry that Trump has mobilized.

Republicans now control all three branches of government. That means we have to fight all the harder, and take the fight local. Here are 5 ways you can show up for racial justice in the Bay Area:

1. Go to one of the emergency protests today (November 9th). It's a way to show publicly that you reject Trump's hateful stance on immigrants, Muslims, and people of color. 

For East Bay people, there's a "Protest Trump" rally at 5pm in Frank H Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.

For San Franciscoans, there's this emergency protest at 5pm at Market and Powell Streets: "Trump Says Go Back, We Say Fight Back!"

2. Follow these groups and pages on Facebook so that you know about mobilizations, campaigns, and other events supporting racial justice:

SURJ Bay Area (that's us)

The Anti-Police Terror Project (APTP)

Black Lives Matter - Bay Area

Community Ready Corps

The BlackOut Collective

Let's Take Action SF

Color of Change PAC

Causa Justa/Just Cause

See this list for dozens more local community groups who organize for racial justice.

3. Attend a SURJ Bay Area meeting to learn more about how you can take action. 

4. If you can afford it, donate to groups organizing for racial justice. Consider donating to SURJ and/or the national Black Lives Matter organization.

5. Direct action will define the coming days. Train yourself in how to be the best possible ally when protesting and mobilizing. Take a SURJ Bay Area training to give you the skills you need and real-time experience of being in a protest for racial justice.